Who We Are: Josh Breite and Ben Altschuler

Meet the Duo who started it all!

Josh Breite (left):
Josh Breite is a Northwestern undergraduate student studying Learning and Organizational Change with minor in Computer Science. He is the CEO and, alongside his high school best friend Ben, the cofounder of Induction Learning. Josh has always been interested in giving students a personalized education because didn’t get one until high school. As a kid, Josh had a reading comprehension problem. This made even the seemingly simple act of reading complicated for him, a problem which couldn’t be solved until he received private help. To try to address this need, he spent the previous year at NYU in London where gained valuable experience at another education startup, Big Education. Josh is acutely aware that not everyone will be as lucky as he was, and so he founded Induction Learning to give all students a vehicle to learn about themselves and solve their own problems.

Ben Altschuler (Right):
Ben Altschuler is a Harvard undergraduate student studying Computer Science. He is the CTO and, alongside his high school best friend Josh, the cofounder of Induction Learning. Ever since a young age, Ben was very passionate about technology. Prior to creating Induction Learning, Ben spent a year in Silicon Valley working as a programmer for 2 startups. Ben's passion for technology is only matched by his love of learning.

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