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Learn Your Way

We here at Induction Learning offer an intuitive and authentic test prep experience. This allows users like you to replicate the test, and allows us to run some in-depth personalized analysis of how you perform and learn. We then send this data right back to you. Thanks to the use of data analytics from screen tracking using our proprietary iPad application, we know we can empower you to increase your score and create a lasting personal impact on how you learn.

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What is Induction Learning?

Induction Learning is a platform designed to help you succeed on your SAT and ACT exams. Our goal is to make it possible for you to practice while learning more about your learning style, making your studying more personalized and effective. The reason? We know what its like to face the struggles of the learning process, and the difficulty that can come from not being taught in the way that is best for you individually.

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